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A bit of biography. I was born in 1943 in Castle Donington, Leicestershire and soon after came home to South London where I grew up. For several years I worked in the City and West End of London and I have lived in Kent for many years. Although I had always excelled at art subjects during my school years I did not pursue my art interest in earnest until after taking early retirement when I have had more time for painting. I like to experiment with subject matter but I am often drawn to paint scenes that are reminiscent of my own travel & vacation experiences which hopefully invokes a welcome nostalgia in others as it does in myself. I usually paint in oils which I have found more satisfying than watercolour so far. I am self taught, was not lucky enough to attend art school in my youth but now enjoy taking inspiration and learning from the many tutorials available via books and television. I have created this web site by special request from friends whose encouragement and support I am most grateful for.


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